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What you get!


  •  Rancid shit( womens Medium)
  • Clit 45 shit (mens Medium, collar cut off )
  • The Velisha shit (Fresno Ca band, Mens small)
  • Ramones shirt(Mens small)
  • Purple shorts( size 9)
  • Misfits shirt(Mens Medium)
  • Sex and Violence shirt (Mens small)

                      OTHER STUFF

  • Belt  (I’m going to say its a small)
  • The Virus patch
  • If its not all ages its not punk rock patch
  • The Distillers sticker
  • 15-20 cone spikes

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If you don’t want anything let me know and I’ll give it to someone ells.

You might end up with more stuff if I find things I don’t want as I’m unpacking

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